Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution

Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution


Unlock Potential Savings Per Container

Shippabo partners with many Trans-Pacific carriers to bring businesses the best rates available. Use our savings calculator to see how you can pay less.

Get predictable shipping costs with a Shippabo contract.

Get predictable shipping costs with a Shippabo contract.


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Your Checklist to Build a Successful Supply Chain



A one-size-fits-all approach to Supply Chain Management will not work very well. But to be agile, robust, and still within your grasp, you could miss the first for the trees. So we compiled this checklist to help you ensure you get started (or course correct) for an optimal supply chain experience. 


✅ Look at the big picture 

Without good communication, you won’t get very far. Step back and review how your organization communicates, especially in an industry with limited face-to-face time. There are lots of moving parts, vendors, customers, orders, notifications, and the “tracking something down” contact email can feel like that’s all you ever do. When evaluating what makes a successful supply chain, ensure your communications are clear and consistent and that you’re finding ways to stay connected with your team and external network - preferably all in one place. With Shippabo’s communication platform, it’s easy - all those messages are in the same place. 

An added bonus? These extensive records serve as invaluable institutional knowledge when turnover occurs, placing you ahead of your competitors with this forward-thinking strategy - all without lifting a finger.   


✅ Anticipate anomalies

One of your criteria for choosing any system should be the capability to handle curveballs and bottlenecks - all the craziness of the supply chain world. (Suez Canal, anyone?)


✅ Don’t reinvent the wheel

Relationships are the currency of the modern world, and you shouldn’t leave those at the door. Use what you have built, and go from there. With Shippabo’s BYONetwork, you can use any vendors of your choice and not be restricted to a particular list. Doesn’t freedom feel good? 


✅ Create redundancies

Speaking of vendors, you don’t want to be left in the lurch by one vendor's lack of availability. Have reliable backups and backups to your backups. 


✅ Use data to make decisions

Your supply chain platform should provide you with relevant and actionable information to make informed decisions about your business operations. We won’t just tell you the data; we will show you the data - our visually stunning, fully customizable dashboards make C-Suite presentations a breeze.


✅ Prioritize transparency

Transparency is vital in your supply chain - as a prevention strategy especially; to find and fix any issues quickly and efficiently should they arise. Achieve the inventory turn and pre-planning capabilities your supply chain needs to thrive. With the Shippabo platform, you can track all shipment details from anywhere, at any time — and plan accordingly. Export product data to the SKU level and share it with your team so everyone can see your company’s inventory. Finally.


✅ For positive customer experiences, you get one shot - don’t miss

No matter how far a shipment has come, it ends in the customer's hands, which the customer sees with their own eyes. Your supply chain having a reliable and incredible Operations Team is vital for a great first impression. That’s what makes first-time buyers into lifetime customers. 


Shippabo was started by shippers. From day one we've built our business understanding the needs of supply chain teams. Our machine-learning platform integrates with your supply chain network to help you make the right decisions at the right time with predictability and visibility other freight forwarders can't provide.