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The Shippabo Approach to Shipping

Shippabo is a company of shippers, logistics consultants, and technologists helping businesses ship on their terms. We approach shipping with a commitment to bring greater transparency, collaboration, and actionable data to the world of shipping and logistics.


I founded Shippabo in 2015 because I’d experienced the frustrations of shipping first hand. Managing inventory accurately in order to plan for the future felt nearly impossible: Sorting through hundreds of emails simply to find an arrival estimate. Deciding on marked-up quotes that had no context or explanation. Trying to measure progress with sub-par data. Operating a business with a clear measurement of success and progress felt nearly impossible.

I was fed up. I wanted streamlined collaboration and clarity in my quotes. Partners I could trust. Real-time data. Intuitive reporting. I wanted to plan for the future and grow a business without my supply chain holding me back. So I set out to change the way shipping is done.

We now help clients gain control over their shipping processes and feel empowered to optimize their supply chains. Shippabo is built from the ground up by shippers and logistics experts. We’ve learned what we believe works best when operating with transparency, clarity, and simplicity in mind.

As such, we’ve crafted this eBook with Shippabo’s best practices in mind. But remember, our best practices are not a one-size-fits-all way to approach shipping. Every business employs different processes and builds different operations based on its own set of values. It’s what makes companies unique and uniquely advantaged. Take these and make them your own; it’s time to own your supply chain from end to end.

— Nina Luu, CEO of Shippabo



Nina Luu
Nina Luu
Nina is the CEO and co-founder of Shippabo.

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