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Nov 30, 2023

Key Reports that Every Logistics Manager Needs

Unlock the power of your supply chain with Shippabo's integrated data solutions. Discover the key reports every logistics manager needs for real-time insights, efficient planning, and a resilient supply chain!

Why digitize? The answer is clear: an integrated data source lets you manage your entire supply chain end-to-end, and in real-time. A single source of truth guarantees that the customized reports you generate for your teams will reflect the data your organization integrates from all sources - including partners and vendors. And with Shippabo’s predictive intelligence, you get high-quality actionable data insights to power your decision-making.

Using Shippabo ViewTM, teams in your organization can easily generate - and automate - reports essential to their role and areas of responsibility. Based on live, real-time data, including shipment tracking at all levels, they prove invaluable in building a resilient supply chain. As historical data is factored into the live data flow, you get high-quality master data that lets you generate up-to-the-minute reports, anytime. With insights built-in, your teams can shift their focus to analysis and identifying opportunities that lets them make smart decisions that build the bottom line, streamline processes, and delight your customers.

We have conducted hundreds of surveys with a broad cross-section of logistics managers, and the results show that the key reports they rely on include:

1. Weekly/daily inbound report

Your warehouse team will thank you for this report. Armed with reliable inventory data, they can easily plan ahead to carve out time and allocate space to receive containers throughout the week. If your company kits or pulls multiple products together to fill a customer order, your team has the data they need to plan and prioritize the orders to fill.

2. Weekly containers/purchase orders arrival report 

With this report, multiple departments in your organization benefit. Purchasing gets timely information to effectively plan and order with vendors, the finance team receives key data to optimize planned payables and cash flow, and the sales team can - and will - leverage this report in conversations and start selling products earlier.

3. Weekly containers/purchase orders departure report

Similar to arrival reports, this report gives multiple teams timely information that lets them effectively plan and execute on key activities. The marketing team finds this report gives them accurate timeline information to plan their ads, promotions, and launches.

4. Customs Entry Exception Report

This report lets your team stay on top of critical compliance issues, and ensure prompt action to clear Customs. As an added benefit, tracking and logging inventory and customs exceptions data will generate insights that help your company plan purchases, standardize descriptions, and ensure a smoother entry clearance

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