Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution

Shippabo is an importer’s one-stop supply chain solution


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Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Freight Forwarder




The supply chain volatility that dominated the last two years is beginning to subside. Ocean freight rates are stabilizing, and importers are no longer scrambling for space. 

Freight forwarders are vital stakeholders in the supply chain and should be evaluated as partners, not just vendors. Are you aligning your organization with the right partners?  

These questions can help you determine if the forwarder you’re evaluating is an archaic vendor or a partner that can help you gain an edge.




Visibility platforms are crucial to modernizing supply chains.  Platforms vary in the depth and quality of the visibility they provide.  Some provide basic track-and-trace, while others deliver data, reporting, and analytics that dramatically improve operational efficiency. 

69% of companies lack total supply chain visibility (source)

  1. Does the forwarder provide a visibility platform?
  2. Does the forwarder have direct integrations with carriers, steamship lines, rail, terminals, and U.S. customs?  
  3. How does the forwarder manage communications between stakeholders?
  4. What types of automated notifications are available?
  5. Can my external partners (brokers, truckers, shippers, etc.) have access to the information that is relevant to them?  



Reporting & Analytics

Only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network. (source)

Access to real-time data and ad-hoc reporting facilitates proactive collaboration with both internal teams and external partners in planning for warehouse space, labor, and inventory forecasting.  

  1. How does the forwarder provide reporting (automated, manual, self-managed, direct from the forwarder)?  
  2. Is automated or customized reporting available?  
  3. What kind of supplier and vendor performance analytics or data does the forwarder provide? 
  4. How does the forwarder provide critical action reporting (i.e. telex release, customs clearance, ISF, etc.)?
  5. Is there actionable data that can help me identify and mitigate per diem and demurrage risks?


Shippabo was started by shippers. From day one we've built our business understanding the needs of supply chain teams. Our machine-learning platform integrates with your supply chain network to help you make the right decisions at the right time with predictability and visibility other freight forwarders can't provide.


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