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Improve Supply Chain Communication With Our New eBook

Are you looking for ways to improve supply chain communication, but don’t know where to start?

We get it. Our new eBook is here to help.

Excellent communication goes a long way towards optimizing your supply chain. Revenue at “fully integrated” companies — or, companies with teams that communicate and work together seamlessly — outpace non-integrated companies by 20%.

But with so many involved parties across the supply chain, excellent communication can also feel tough to attain.

36 Ways to Improve Communication

Shippabo understands the importance of truly excellent supply chain communication. And we’ve got your ticket to a high-performing global supply chain with stellar communication.

We’ve created an eBook with our go-to tips for rapidly increasing your company’s level of internal and external communications.




Over time, building the communications core of your company will increase employee happiness and performance. Productivity improves 20-25% in organizations with connected employees, according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute.

Improving communication will also help reduce lost and late items, improve vendor relations, and contribute to massive supply chain optimization.

The eBook includes 36 tips for:

  • Building a solid company core between your logistics team and the internal teams they collaborate with.
  • Improving vendor relations to keep internal teams and external parties in close contact.
  • Training a competent team so you’re prepared and resilient when the unexpected happens.
  • Setting better processes to facilitate fast decision making and empower employees to take action themselves.
  • Using superior software that makes everyone’s lives easier and keeps teams on the same page.

From simple suggestions like asking vendors for a production schedule to bigger-picture tips like setting certain KPIs across teams, we’ve got you covered. Ready? Let’s dive in.




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