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How to Avoid a Shipwreck

Last year provided a glimpse into what may become the new trend in shipping, according to Nina Luu, CEO of Shippabo, a cloud-based supply chain management platform company based in Los Angeles. In 2018, there was chaos and a lack of reliability in capacity and rate in a prolonged trans-Pacific peak season, she said. In addition, new U.S. trucking regulations cut capacity while demand rose, reducing the ability of retailers and vendors to control pricing. Tariff changes rocked the boat even more.

“In 2019, retailers and vendors should prepare for more volatility and uncertainty by seeking more control through negotiating and signing a fixed rate contract with ocean and drayage carriers,” Luu suggested. She also recommended that vendors and retailers organize, pre-plan and pre-book space where possible, stay updated on tariff changes and maintain records in a centralized system. 

 - (Nina Luu in the Home Furnishing News 2019 Outlook)

Nina Luu
Nina Luu
Nina is the CEO and co-founder of Shippabo.

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