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What You Need to Know When Importing Alcohol into the U.S.



Importing Distilled Spirits, Wines, or Malt Beverages to the U.S.

Before commercial importing of distilled spirits, wines, or malt beverages, you must obtain a basic permit through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). You can contact the TTB at (202) 453-2260 to obtain a basic permit.

TBB Requirements for Importing Alcohol for Resale

In addition to obtaining a permit, TTB requires proper marking of alcoholic products and foreign documentation. These include specifications like certificates of origin and age. You can learn more about the labeling requirements here.

As the importer, you’re also responsible for ensuring that your alcoholic beverages are not used to violate any state laws, and that they comply with state ABC requirements. And remember: importing alcoholic beverages through the mail is prohibited. 

Head to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to find Harmonized Tariff codes and duty rates for your products. Chapter 22 contains the rates for alcoholic beverages, spirits, and vinegar.