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Sep 09, 2022

4 MORE Reasons to Bring Your Supply Chain Online

3 Reasons to Bring Your Supply Chain Online

Perhaps you saw and loved our first post, 3 Reasons to Bring Your Supply Chain Online. But you need a lot of convincing, like someone trying a new food their friend promises is delicious… (It’s okay if that is you!)

Here are a few more delectable rationales to make the jump online. 

1. Improved Insight for Decision-Making

The latest tools deliver more profound insights into the current performance of a network and its future performance — allowing organizations to identify bottlenecks, evaluate multiple alternative configurations,  and rapidly stress-test their designs against a wide range of scenarios. New digital approaches can transform the performance of core operations. The right digital tools provide and leverage actionable insight to boost efficiency. This can be done in various ways, from revealing the root causes of transportation asset failures, reducing the need for high-cost overhauls, to automating routine activities such as report generation. They improve quality, eliminating the errors that can creep in when managers and frontline personnel rely on email, spreadsheets, or paper documents. With the right approach and proper tools, including machine-learning freight solutions, your company can create a plan to address the uncertainties in the supply chain.

2. Improved Agility

In a mercurial industry like shipping, importers need freight forwarders and their supply chains to adapt quickly. Level the playing field with Shippabo’s enterprise-level tools and curated network of carriers to better be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Greater Efficiency and Transparency

With Shippabo, you have visibility into the SKU-level cost of goods sold with duties and freight. Keep product costs top-of-mind and easily accessible. You can review the price by SKU number, origin country, or factory. Share the details by exporting a complete list of your products with their landed costs. Leverage SKU-level visibility to inform future shipments. Shippabo’s forecasting tools help you understand and optimize your supply chain. Uncover trends on shipment deliveries, inventory progress, SKU performance, and freight spend. Quickly generate reports tailored to the shipment views and SKU performances you need. Accurately determine inventory levels and product prices with your arsenal of centralized data.

4. Better Inventory Management

Finally, what’s every importer’s dream? To better control their inventory and improve their fulfillment rates, right? Control your in-distribution center date by pre-booking shipments, as you might pre-book a plane ticket, and managing inventory with real-time SKU level visibility.



For those currently using a paper system:

Why transfer everything online?

We’ve all heard an adage about not fixing something that isn’t broken. While something may not be broken, it could be better. We understand the reluctance to change anything that may be disruptive to our logistical systems; we have decades of combined shipping and logistics experience too. However, with higher consumer demands regarding everything from faster shipping times, increased returns, more shopping, and sustainable operations, operating in this age must embrace adopting emerging technologies. We can help. Every client goes through a trial period to ensure that all parties are happy before fully committing to Shippabo. We want you to find the right solution for your business needs. At Shippabo, our customers can bring in their existing partners and contacts to increase efficiency and allow them to communicate within one single platform - this helps diversify their supply chain network and dramatically lowers their risk (just like investments). We love seeing our customers succeed, and the Shippabo platform provides the capacity and infrastructure to grow with you or help you scale. Ready to make your supply chain work for you?


For those currently using another platform:

Why Switch to Shippabo?

Shippabo was started by shippers. We understand the solutions businesses are looking for, and from square one have built our business with those solutions in mind. Our machine-learning platform helps you make the right decisions at the right time with predictability and visibility other freight forwarders can't provide. When you ship with Shippabo, we want to integrate with your supply chain network, not the other way around. Bring your own network and ship on your terms. Whether you're just looking for a visibility platform or a full-fledged freight forwarder, we have the solutions you need.



Shippabo was started by shippers. From day one we've built our business understanding the needs of supply chain teams. Our machine-learning platform integrates with your supply chain network to help you make the right decisions at the right time with predictability and visibility other freight forwarders can't provide.


Book a shipment today, and learn why Shippabo is the right solution for your business.

Content Marketing Manager for Shippabo. Her dream, like yours, is to one day live in a shipping container.

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