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Aug 15, 2023

3 key features your business needs to boost supply chain visibility

Visibility software is essential for importers to optimize their data insights, understand shipping performance, and streamline workflows across their entire supply chain. Read on to discover how.

From insufficient data access and unexpected shipping delays to large communication gaps between parties, logistics professionals face countless challenges that can impact their supply chain. Most of the time, the reason for these mishaps are due to unclear, uncentralized visibility into data, insights, and communication.


To help mitigate these issues, many businesses are turning to comprehensive, end-to-end software that gives all parties a clear and centralized view of the entire supply chain. Here, we will explore 3 key features that are essential to maintaining a well-oiled supply chain. Read on to discover the importance of gaining accurate shipment insights, understanding your shipping performance, and unifying communication to streamline your workflow.

Gain accurate shipment insights with real-time updates 

No longer are the days where you need to wonder where your shipment is on its journey. Say goodbye to the guesswork and stay up-to-date on shipment tracking, inventory levels, and other critical details needed to boost your overall operational efficiency. 

If you’re looking to eliminate shipping uncertainty once and for all, turn to an all-encompassing platform that features dynamic, real-time updates that help you manage your cargo from start to finish. Gain visibility insights down to the container and SKU-level to make swift, informed decisions about every aspect of your order.

Understand your shipping performance with predictive intelligence

Without a centralized system, data is often scattered and even lost leaving supply chain employees in the dark about ETAs, deliveries, and more. Get ahead of these shipping mishaps before they impact your performance with predictive intelligence. 

Using advanced software that relies on predictive intelligence helps managers view and understand visual shipment indicators and healthscores right away. This complete performance breakdown helps you efficiently pinpoint key risk factors and make speedy, informed adjustments to every order. Now you can save time and money, reduce last-minute headaches, and boost customer satisfaction by limiting delays.

Establish an effective and unified workflow 

Collaboration and communication are essential to an effective supply chain, yet many importers lack the tools to keep all parties in the loop. Because of this, important information often gets scrambled or even lost which could cost hours or even days of work. 

Supply chains of all sizes can mitigate these common mishaps by storing all communications into a single, collaborative platform. Get all parties—even across time zones—on the same page with intuitive communication and notification tools that lend detailed, actionable information. Centralizing communications also makes future planning and forecasting even simpler for all parties involved. 

Supply chain visibility—it matters. 

From scattered or lost data to missing SKUs and communication gaps—there are a lot of issues that can arise within your supply chain. To help reduce these problems, turn to a shipment and visibility system designed to help you achieve accurate, end-to-end data insights. Bring your global team and suppliers together, track and operate in real-time, manage and track shipments, and so much more—all in one place. 

Have questions about Shippabo, or ready to simplify your supply chain? Click here to get started today. 

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